Need To Know About Waterfront River Homes?

Buying a Waterfront River Home

Waterfront river homes offers the kind of serenity that is better experienced than described. From the quietness of the quietness of the environment to the wonderful panorama offered by the sea, living in riverfront home can offer the added motivation needed to keep the body healthy and spirit motivated for more life adventures.

Buying a home on the river, however, is not as easy as some will like you to believe. If you are not properly guided, the chances of making a poor decision is very high. When buying a waterfront home, the following factors should be considered before making the final decision.

Carefully consider why you are buying a home on the river:

You have to carefully reconsider your reason for buying a waterfront home. You should consider the interest of the members of your family. Will the waterfront lifestyle suit them? Are you and your loved ones going to take advantage of the water? Once you are sure your reasons are rational and justifiable, consider buying the kind of riverfront homes that is in line with your reasons and will suit your need.

Research about the water:

All water bodies are not the same. They also do not offer the same values. Before buying a waterfront home, make sure that the property is located in the kind of water that will satisfy your need for a waterfront river homes. If you are interested in swimming, research about the water body to make sure that it’s safe for swimming. The presence of some weed and fish species makes water unsuitable for swimming. If you are interested in boating, you have to find out about the depth of the water and determine if it is suitable for the boat you own or want to acquire.

Find out about association or community fees:

You may not know it, but most lakefront properties are part of communities and may attract some form of additional fees to maintain the environment. Is also very likely that the body of water your prospective home is located at is subject to association fees that will be passed down to property owners or residents. Just make sure you have perfect understanding of any financial obligations that may come as a result of taking ownership of your dream waterfront homes.

Learn about insurance cover for flood and related risk factors associated with waterfront homes:

Homes on the river are obviously susceptible to a couple of risk factors. Ideally, these properties require some kind of special insurance policy. Before buying a home on the river, take care to understand the insurance requirements of such properties and decide if it is what you will like to subscribe to. The premium you’ll pay to cover your waterfront home that has a high risk for potential flooding will be greater than what you will pay for properties with less risk.

Buying a waterfront home is a great idea if you can afford it. The possibility of going for the wrong deal is great due to the unique nature of the environment. Make sure to consider the factors above in order to make a sound decision when buying a waterfront home.  

Buying A Waterfront Lake Home?

Things to Consider When Buying a Waterfront Lake Property

Many people dream of living on the water. Unfortunately, not many can afford Lakeview properties. Just as tasteful as they are, waterfront properties are generally costly, but they are choice investments by all standards. If you are among the fortunate set of people who can afford them, there are some factors you need to put into consideration before buying a home on the water.

Location of the property:

Do not jump into buying any lakefront property without considering the significance of the location to a couple of other factors. Firstly, you have to rethink your purpose for buying the property. For many, owning a lake home offers some kind of added motivation. But this wouldn’t mean a thing if the property is poorly located. Even if you are buying the property as a vacation home, it is still important that it is located in such a manner that you have access to essential amenities like clinics, grocery stores and schools.

The size of the property:

At some point, your friends and distant family members will come to have a feel of your waterfront home, you wouldn’t want them to hurry back to their home due to lack of space in your luxury home. Before you settle for any Lakeview property, make sure that it is of the right size to accommodate your family and have some extra space for the right number of visitors.

Your budget and maintenance expenses:

Lakeview properties are expensive! You know this already, but you should also know that your overall expenses are not limited to your home and what you have inside as your properties. Inquire from the realtor or whoever is helping you with the purchase about the maintenance process of the facility and the cost implications.

Inspect the property thoroughly:

Choosing the right and trusted Realtor to help you when buying a Lakeview property is only one piece of the puzzle. In order to make sure that the property you are paying for matches your taste and the amount of money you are spending to get it, make sure you personally inspect the property. The experience of your Realtor will surely count in the process of making the right decision, but since you and your family are the ones who will inhabit the property, it is only fair that you visit the property (preferably with your spouse or close family member) in order to make the decision that is most suitable for your family.

Do some extra research:

You can do your own bit of research about where the waterfront property you want to buy is located. Check the history of the place for chances of natural hazards like flood as well as human hazards like burglary and the likes. You can easily get expert opinions about properties at no cost on the internet.

In all, living on the water is a cool thing. Lakeview properties are ideal both as normal home and vacation home. To enjoy the happiness and serenity that comes with it, ensure that you consider all of the factors raised above before buying a home on the water.

How To Buy Your Oceanfront Home

How To Buy Your Oceanfront Home

How to Buy Oceanfront Homes

In many parts of the country, buying any home at all can be a complicated process. Throw oceanfront properties into the mix and you have successfully doubled the problem (at least). Still, owning an oceanfront home is the dream of many families and you can hardly blame them. The close association with nature and all the beauties that come with it is too tempting to not dream about. Numerous challenges come with this promise of pleasure. Therefore, you should weigh both sides carefully before making a final decision. Here are some tips on buying a home on the ocean.

Decide what you want to use the home for:

Some buy ocean view homes in order to have a place on the beach where vacations could be spent free of charge. Some others buy it as an investment, renting the homes out to families that have come to spend their vacations.  Many of the condo complexes in Florida have tenants in them most of the year.

A few others want the home to serve both purposes. It should be made clear that marrying the two aims is likely to prove difficult in the long run. The house has the highest chances of securing an occupant in the period of tourism boom (e.g., the snowbird season in Florida), so, your family can only visit in the boring periods in the year. It is better to decide what purpose you want the house for and stick to that purpose.

beachfront condos

Know that beach houses are expensive:

Whatever purpose you decide to use the house for, one fact will always stand. Buying a home on the ocean is quite expensive. Many of the most expensive real estate markets in the country focus on waterfront property. An oceanfront home or any house that is a stone throw from the beach could cost up to four times the price of its inland replica.

Mortgage associated with beach houses also attract higher interest rates. Factor in the equally higher taxes, insurance (more on this later), and maintenance costs and you could be having a whole lot on your plate. Except you have a whole lot of spare cash, owning an oceanfront home isn’t a decision you want to make in a hurry.

Make your research about the weather:

Climate change means sea level is on the rise and ocean view homes are at greater risk now more than ever. Spend time to make your research about past and future trends in your location of choice. It’s always good to check up with the state’s geological survey to ensure your oceanfront home is not located in an area that has an increased risk of flooding.

Get a real estate agent that specializes in oceanfront homes:

Ocean view homes have become a niche in the wider real estate business and getting an agent that specializes in the niche is your best bet towards getting the best possible deals. Furthermore, the agent is able to intimate you with the challenges you may face as an ocean view homeowner and how to overcome them. Although such agents may be pricey, believe me, it’ll be a wise investment in the long run.

Ensure you fall in love with the property, and not just the structure:

Remember you’ll be spending a fortune on the home, so anything less than complete satisfaction is inadequate. This means you must fall in love with everything about the property and neighborhood at large. Ensure the view is good enough for you, the swimming is not mucky, enough privacy is assured and the distance to the beach is just adequate. You could talk up with your prospective neighbors to know how much they love the neighborhood. The bottom line is that you should cover all bases to ensure you have no regrets.

Know your insurance costs and get a property manager if necessary:

Because oceanfront homes are more at the mercy of the elements, insurance plans are understandably costlier and more complicated. You will need to get a flood policy, general hazard policy and wind policy if you are to ensure full coverage. You should also think about getting a property manager particularly if you intend to rent out the place.

There you have it! I hope you find these tips a useful guide when buying your dream ocean front home.


The Benefits of Waterside Living

The Benefits of Waterside Living

Why Waterfront Living?

It’s no secret that a majority of people prefer to live near or on the water. But did you know there are actual health benefits to living near the water…for example, the Mississippi River? Believe it! Not only can you partake in physical activity on the water, but simply being near it can influence your mind and body for the better. Numerous studies have encountered the benefits to waterfront living as well as the benefits that exposure to green space has on humans. Here are a few that we found to be the most universal…

  • Studies show it was proven that while undergoing a stressful procedure such a dental surgery, scenes with images of calm water, including aquatic images, were much more restorative than those without. In the same study, scientists noticed that images with greenspace reacted as favorably as the images with aquatic images.
  • “Blue Mind“, is a term coined by J. Nichols, it’s named for the mildly meditative state our mind enters when we are near water. Using brain imaging, scientists have found that the proximity to water floods the brain with feel good hormones such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytosin. Levels of cortisol, drop with the close proximity to water.
  • Piggy backing off of #3, our mind and body being primarily made up of water and taking into consideration our brain’s reaction when we are near it, many forms of therapy have been created in association with the water. For example, there’re organizations helping veteran’s suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) by means of water sports. Operation Surf, takes veteran’s out in the ocean to surf, where as Heroes on the Water brings them out fishing and kayaking. Each offer a peaceful activity as a stress outlet.
  • Scientists have found that when people step outside the office into nature, even just for a lunch break they experience increased immune function. Subjects who spent this time outside had a lowered concentration of cortisol, a lowered pulse level and lowered blood pressure, thus an overall feeling of stress relief.

Waterfront Housing

waterfront lifestyle

waterfront lifestyle

Some of the most prestigious and most expensive homes in the country are beachfront properties.  With almost 80% of the US population living within 10 miles of a coastline – the demand for waterfront homes is off the chart.  Some of the areas, such the beaches of Cohasset MA, offer a tranquil alternative to the hustle and bustle of Boston MA living

In summation, it’s clear that simply being by the water and in greenspace it positively influences human well-being. Being that most vacations are centered around a trip to the lake, a river, or the beach, as a means to escape and retreat from everyday life, this is nothing we didn’t already realize. However, understanding the science behind the feelings we have when around water or nature further implies the credibility of them.

Now, imagine living, working or relaxing in a beautiful relaxing hidden gem equipped with 360 degree views of a beautiful river, lake, or beach…that is what The Waterfront is all about!!  Ready to buy an oceanfront home?  Read our article on How to Buy You Oceanfront Home