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Waterfront Homes was created to help customers find their dream home. We find the best real estate agents across the country and list their waterfront homes. We hope you choose Waterfront Homes to find your dream home for you.

Customer Reviews

I finally made the decision to buy my first home and settled on Granbury, TX. But, as a first time homebuyer, I was concerned about finding the right professionals to help me through the process. I was lucky to find Waterfront Homes who helped me through every step and made buying my first home a cake walk. I will be looking them up again when I am ready to buy my next home.

– Nick Thomson 

Clarissa Wolman

We were looking for a new home in New Orleans and we were so happy when we found Waterfront Homes. They were able to help us find exactly the right home to fit our new lifestyle. We would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Lora Spielberg

Buying a home when you live out of state can be a real challenge. So, when I found Waterfront Homes in Wilmington, NC, I could not have been happier. They were able to work with me long distance to insure that everything went smoothly. Thanks, Waterfront Homes!

Christopher Brown

I was looking for a second home in Panama City Beach for my wife and I who were about ready for retirement. We were so happy to find Waterfront Homes who helped us find just the right place for the next phase of our lives. They were professional and had answers for all of our questions


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