The phrase “discount real estate broker” generally refers to an individual or company that offers commission savings on property sales. These brokers often offer discounts to both homebuyers and sellers alike for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Some discount real estate brokers even offer rebate or bonus incentives at closing for when you buy a home or when you sell your home. These brokers have access to resources that would normally be unavailable to homebuyers and sellers, and they make offers on properties that would not normally be offered to them by traditional realtors.

Discount Real Estate Brokers Are a Bridge

One of the reasons that brokers are able to offer such substantial discounts is due to the fact that brokers are often hired as a bridge between a seller and buyer. In many instances, a full service broker can take the position of a buyer’s agent while the seller acts as the seller’s agent. While a typical listing agent makes an offer on a property, a full service sales experience allows the seller to make an offer with their own agent, with less money out of pocket. This gives the seller the ability to make a counteroffer, should the counter offer be turned down. If the offer made by the listing agent is matched by the seller, the listing agent makes money off the full service commission.

Discount Real Estate Brokers Understand Market Trends

Full service brokers have the benefit of knowing market trends and buying trends, which allows them to make wiser offers on property. These brokers have the benefit of working with buyers and sellers from across the country and they have access to multiple listing services, with discounted prices on homes from every part of the country. Discount brokers do not typically work with full buyer or seller pools, so they are typically more cost effective for people looking to save money.

Discount Real Estate Brokers Are Assets For Investors

For any real estate investor, a discount real estate broker can be an invaluable asset. When you are buying or selling a home, you want to get the best bang for your buck. A discount real estate broker can work at a lower rate, but if they don’t offer even the most basic service, they get to earn that big fat dip in profit by simply increasing their number of clients. The more clients that they serve, the less time they need to spend working on you. This is how they stay in business. Typically full-service brokerage firms will offer discounts to attract new business and are willing to negotiate closing costs. Some discount brokers offer discounts on their commission structure to retain existing clients. Such commission structures may include flat rate reductions for new sales and special incentives for renewing or remodeling contracts.

However, not every discount real estate broker offers this kind of thing. What we want from the right real estate agent is someone who will work with us until we are ready to buy or sell a home. Someone who will help us through every step of the selling process – from initial contact right down to the filing of all of the necessary paperwork and the final sale of the home. But the one model that every home seller should be using when they are selling their home is the flat fee MLS.


Flat fee MLS listing services are offered by virtually every discount real estate broker today. If you want to sell your home fast, you should use these services. You can save money and use a marketing strategy that works. And you can rest assured knowing that you are not being cheated by a commission hungry seller. A real estate listing service is a powerful tool that can give you the upper hand in the selling game!