Why Use A Realtor When Buying

Buying or selling a home is probably one of the most valuable transactions in both the life of the seller and of the buyer despite their status in the community. This is because, a buyer is purchasing a piece of beach front property that he/she will be sharing precious family moments in, while the seller is selling a piece of property where he/she has been sharing and enjoying priceless moments that can never be brought back with loved ones.

While it might be tempting to avoid the fees of hiring an agent and handle the process personally, doing so can prove to be incredibly overwhelming for both parties as there are many tasks to be handled as part of the home buying or selling process. On the other hand, having a professional agent by your side to help you buy a condo or sell one can make all the difference by making the process more streamlined.

In case you are wondering what benefits you accrue when you bring a real estate agent on board as a buyer, we’ve done all the legwork for you and listed some of the perks that you will miss out on, in case you decide to go solo.

A Buyer’s Agent Is Typically Free

Yes, you read that part right. If you are a buyer, by all means should you employ the services of a Realtor. There’s no reason not to. You get their wealth of knowledge and expertise… usually for free. In most cases, a ‘buyer’s agent’ is paid by the seller of the home you buy.

It’s pre-negotiated into the listing agreement by the agent who listed the home for sale. Not using a Realtor, as a buyer, doesn’t save you money, as the Realtor on the listing side will retain both portions of the commission. Bottom line, if you’re a buyer, use a Realtor you like and trust.

They Help You Understand The Process

On one hand, if it is your first time purchasing a home, having been in the home buying and selling arena for a long time, agents have a rich understanding of the A to Z of the property purchase process. You on the other hand, if it is your first time purchasing a home, you might find it quite overwhelming and additionally, even end up making the wrong deal.

The scenario is entirely different if you bring a professional Realtor onboard. An experienced agent can fully explain what to expect from the very beginning, until the transaction is complete, to ensure that you are well informed and in control of your decision. They will also ensure that you fill all the relevant paperwork to avoid creating loopholes that might get you in trouble in future. Once you’ve secured your home, it’s important to protect it for years to come.

A Realtor Will Help Identify Faults And Features

Thanks to the fact that they work inside the halls of real estate, Realtors gain access to various listings and as such will offer you multiple options. When you make up your mind on a particular home, they will not just agree with you and motivate you to purchase it. Instead, they will first help you identify any faults that you’ve set your mind on has.

It is impossible for you to notice these faults as you have never bought or sold a home before. However the case is different for a Realtor, but for them, it is way much more comfortable as they have been part of myriads of home buying and selling processes and as such, they will effortlessly notice hazards and bring them to your attention, thereby protecting your interests and saving you a lot of regrets and costs in future. They will also point out extra features that you might not have noticed ensuring that you enjoy a smooth buying experience.

Why Use A Realtor When Buying

Help You Negotiate Better Deals

Once again we will emphasize that an agent boasts vast experience and additionally has been trained on ways to help you negotiate better terms and come up with an agreement that is beneficial to both the seller and the buyer. For instance, by bringing the faults identified during home inspection to the attention of the seller, an agent will ensure that you get a better price, or that such repairs are made.

Additionally, the fact that they are aware of the homes sold recently in that neighborhood and the prices is an added advantage as they will ensure you get your dream home at a price that is appealing. Lastly, a Realtor has inside knowledge of homes that will be up for sale in the near future, and as such, can help you get deals on these houses even before they hit the market. Therefore, if you had your eyes on a particular home and the owners want to put it up for sale, they will help you get it before it’s on-demand, thereby helping you secure a valuable home without breaking the bank.

Provide An Efficient Service Provider List

Once you make up your mind on a specific piece of property, the process does not end there as there are many other things to be done. For instance, you are likely to require either an attorney, or an escrow and title company to help you seal the deal, painters, plumbers, home stagers, landscapers and many other professionals who will help you make your dream home a reality.

Looking for these individuals yourself not only places you at the risk of paying high costs but also ending up with low quality work. Again thanks to their past experiences, an agent will give you a better list of service providers by recommending some of the individuals that he/she has worked with before.

This not only assures you quality work but also gives you a place to bounce back on, in case one of them does a shoddy job as you can always ask the agent who recommended them to handle them ensuring that they deliver results that are at par with your expectations.

Bottom Line

If you’re planning to buy a home, it is advisable not to do it alone. The benefits listed above are way too good for you to miss out on when you can get them for free. At the end of the day the agent makes the procedure of home buying less less hectic and eliminates room for regrets as you get to make your dream a reality. All you need to do is explain your expectations, and your Buyer’s Agent Realtor will come up with a list of homes that meets your needs.