I Dream of Cocoa Beach Real Estate

How wouldn’t want to live where I Dream of Jeannie took place? Having waterfront real estate is a dream come true for many well-established families. Discover how to buy a home on the Cocoa Beach barrier island.

I Dream of Jeannie

For many Americans, the I Dream of Jeannie sitcom portrayed the perfect life. The Actress Barbara Eden was beautiful, charismatic and always getting into trouble. She was married to a military man, which dove-tailed nicely with the post-World War II life.

Cocoa Beach, Florida was the ideal setting for this sitcom because the beach barrier island is very close to Cape Canaveral. Therefore, it made sense that a military man was stationed there. Interestingly enough, Cocoa Beach had become a city just a little before the sitcom was shot – on June 29, 1957. It symbolized American superpower status and the space race to the moon.

Cape Canaveral

There are about 10,000 people calling Cocoa Beach in Brevard County, Florida their home. After the Civil War, some freed African-American slaves were some of the first residents. In 1947, the town hired one police officer for $1 per hour.

The largest growth of the town occurred with the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. This was the center point of America’s race to the moon. Eventually, the first U.S. unmanned moon landing was achieved in 1966 after taking off from Cape Canaveral. Therefore, this area is a symbol of American greatness.

Huge Sand Bar

Cocoa Beach is a huge sand bar. It is an exclusive area – there is not much car traffic during the off-season. The town is fairly low-key.

If families are interested in other activities, then the Orlando theme parks are fairly near – about a 1-hour drive. Families can also experience the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge or John F. Kennedy Space Center.

the seasons of Cocoa Beach

Although most of the south encounters two seasons, hot and hotter, Cocoa Beach does get its share of all four seasons. Photo courtesy of Barbara Zorn Realtor

Waterfront Property

For most, Cocoa Beach is enough to keep them entertained for a good long time. Can you imagine being able to swim on a beautiful beach whenever you wanted to? Living in Cocoa Beach is like living at your lake cabin 24/7/365. Cocoa Beach is a family favorite for many.

There are a couple of beachfront hotels on the Atlantic side of the sand bar. Children can spend some quality time in the Lori Wilson Park or Manatee Park. There are also plenty of restaurants near the pier.

People love to rent chairs and umbrellas to sit under the sun during their vacation. They can surf, ski, kayak or paddle board. This world-famous beach is a great way to enjoy life with your family and friends.

Living the Good Life

Modern life can be so hectic, especially when you live in the big city. With Cocoa Beach real estate, you have the perfect relaxing oasis to call home. Some might want to sell a home and find a great beachfront property for retirement purposes.

This is how the successful families live. One might think of the Kennedy compound at Hyannis Port. Those who buy a home in Cocoa Beach, have waterfront property on both sides.

It is easy to have friends and family members over any time. While the northern states are covered in winter snow, Florida weather still remains temperate, pleasant and tremendous. Brevard County, Florida real estate would be a great investment.

This area is sure to remain very popular. The location would also be ideal for business clients. They could have their families enjoy the local beach while you entertain them at your Cocoa Beach home.

The best Cocoa Beach Realtor can find the ideal property for your purposes. Write down the features that you are looking for. Then, share them with a professional Realtor.

Not many people get the chance of waterside living in the town that was the setting for a famous sitcom. This location was chosen because of its natural beauty and historic importance. Enjoy the American Dream and live the good life by finding the ideal home for your family.